A curator of fresh thinking

The Young Architecture exhibition aims to highlight architecture created by young, newly graduated architects from the Nordic and Baltic countries. The person who has been given the honourable assignment of curating this exhibition is Hilda Alfredsson. She is also a young woman with a strong interest in both architecture and exhibitions. We took the opportunity to ask her some questions a couple of weeks before the Nordic Architectural Forum opens its doors.

What is your background?

– I read the Master’s programme in Architecture and Engineering at Chalmers University here in Gothenburg and I am currently practising at an architectural firm in town. I am interested in photography and have previously curated several exhibitions, including my own exhibition of photography.

So what can we expect from the Young Architecture exhibition at this year’s Nordic Architecture Fair?

– The visitor can expect an exciting mix of projects and ideas. It is a great exposition of the content of the 28 selected degree exam submissions. There is no rigid theme in the exhibition; rather, it simply shows a number of individual ideas. What they have in common is that they were created by architects who graduated recently.

So what’s your task?

– I have been in contact with the various architectural schools in the Nordic and Baltic countries, so I am the one who will bring it all together. In addition to this, I made the graphic material that will be on display, such as posters, abstracts etc.

What is the purpose of the exhibition?

– Of course, all these young architects should be able to showcase their work to the architectural community. In this respect, in Sweden we have not been so good in comparison with, for example, Denmark and England, but also in comparison with Swedish design schools such as HDK and Beckmans.

Finally, what are your hopes for the Young Architecture exhibition, from a personal perspective?

– For my part, I look forward to seeing the design of the exhibition itself, but I also hope that as many visitors as possible will pass by to meet these young, exciting architects, as many of them will be present for both days of the exhibition. This can hopefully be an attractive feature for the entire Nordic Architecture Fair, both this year and in the future.