Fresh thinking at the Nordic Architecture Fair

Architecture, like society at large, will face many difficult challenges in the future, not least those related to sustainability. Showcasing new, exciting ideas and solutions in the field of architecture is therefore a clear and stated ambition for this year’s Nordic Architecture Fair. The special exhibition, “Young Architecture” specifically addresses this ambition at Nordic Architecture Fair.

The exhibition Young Architecture will cover nearly 200 square metres and will showcase 28 selected degree projects from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Sweden is represented by degree projects from the architectural programmes at Chalmers University, in the city of Gothenburg, and Umeå University. Each school has selected one to four degree projects, most of them by individual students, but there are also some exhibits that have been co-designed by two students.

The exhibition will be located close to the open red stage at the fair and is therefore easily accessible to all visitors. So if you want to discover tomorrow’s innovative architects today, you should definitely visit Young Architecture at the Swedish Exhibition on 15-16 October .