Nordic Architecture Fair

The Nordic arena for future architecture and urban planning. Meet the industry and discuss how the societies of the future will be planned, built and functioning.

Architecture Seminars

At Nordic Architecture Fair you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of urban planning, architecture and smart construction in four different seminars.

The Soul Club Nordic Harlem

Bring your colleagues and customers to finish the day with food, drinks and entertainment at Nordic Harlem!

Book 15-16 October 2019 at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg

Once again it is time for Nordic Architecture Fair – the meeting place where you can explore the future of architecture and urban planning. For two days packed with events and activity, architects, city planners, property owners, engineers and builders come together and discuss one of the greatest issues of our time: What will societies of the future look like? And how will they work? Come along to the trade fair, take part in the debates and influence opinion.

Perspective on Nordic Architecture

The British and Dutch Embassies have invited architectural firms from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries to take part in joint panel discussions on architecture and cross-border cooperation during the Nordic Architecture Fair.

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Three Architects’ Expectations

We think this year’s Nordic Architecture Fair looks really interesting. But to make absolutely sure that we are on the right track, we asked three experienced Gothenburg architects what expectations they have for the fair in October.

— I am really attracted by the theme of sustainability: reuse, rethink and remake. I very much believe in alternative ways of building, where reuse and circular thinking play a much greater role than today.


Tinna Harling is an architect and process manager. She is also the project manager for the Vinnova-funded project “Egnahemsfabriken” (homeowners’ factory, which builds and designs houses for the young, the elderly and new arrivals. Previously, Tinna was also a planning architect at Tjörn municipality for many years.

— I think sustainability is an exciting theme, but at the same time I do not just want to attend another conference that simply repeats the idea that sustainability is important. I want action and I want to get the latest ideas about technological developments. In addition, I am interested in the event’s focus on construction in wood – it is an area where I both want to improve my own capabilities and find collaborators. Finally, I should not conceal the fact that I am attracted by the business aspect of the Architects’ Forum as a meeting place. Hopefully, as an independent architect, I can network there and establish new business contacts.”


Henrik Markhede is an architect and divides his working hours between his own business and Chalmers University, where he is a creative lecturer in urban construction.

— Yes, sustainability is a topic that really engages me as an architect. I believe in an innovative design that simplifies sustainable development. My experience is that people are quite lazy and want to get help to live sustainably. We architects can help in this respect. When we design and build houses, we can, for example, make it easier to facilitate services such as bicycle rental and charging points for electric cars. It is also important to consider all three dimensions of sustainability. The ecological dimension is of course central, but the social and economic perspectives are also important.


Mia Lundin, finally, has been an architect for nearly 20 years and is currently working at the Tengbom practice in Gothenburg.

Latest News from Nordic Architecture Fair

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Two souls with a burning passion for architecture

14 September / 2019

Meet two souls that burn with a passion for architecture: Karl-Gunnar Olsson and Morten Lund, both professors at Chalmers University. It is these two gentlemen who have produced this year’s programme for the Nordic Architecture Fair and so far, they are very pleased with what will be offered to visitors at the Swedish Exhibition and Conference Centre on 15-18 October. We meet Karl-Gunnar Olsson...

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Young architecture with sustainability in focus

14 September / 2019

In Copenhagen, there are many options open to architecture students. They can choose to follow as many as 12 different directions, from furniture design and landscape architecture to transformation, where the focus is on construction technology and building. Because the courses are managed by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, aesthetics are naturally an important element for all fields. How...

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