15 October kl. 09–12

Mobility in the City

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Technological development is incredibly fast and affects the urban environment in different ways. In the future we will be very concerned about how to move people and goods between different locations as smoothly as possible. Self-driving cars, smart parking solutions, and lifts that take us up 36-storey high-rise buildings – on the outside – can become a common sight within just a few years.

What requirements and needs will individuals and companies have for urban planning in the future? And what’s the best way to plan for increased mobility? The rapid development of technology places high demands on different systems that interact with each other. But when the technology is in place, how will it affect people’s behaviour?

One thing is certain, anyone who works in urban planning today must be prepared to think along completely new lines. In this seminar, we want to bring up some new thoughts and ideas about how we will build the mobile cities of the future!

The architecture track “Mobility in the City” is primarily aimed at architects, builders, property owners, investors and community planners at municipal building authorities.


Peter Cook
An experienced architect from London

Kan Wang
A young architect from Shanghai

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