15 October kl. 09–12

The Power of Beauty

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All seminars will be held in English

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The Nordic region offers beautiful scenery that many people find attractive, with the sea, high mountains and wild forests. But why are our opinions so divided when it comes to architecture?

Our opinions on architecture changes over time, so what do we really mean by “beautiful” and “ugly” architecture? In this seminar, we will discuss how we create beauty in architecture by building with care, creating a world that lasts for those who want to live in buildings within our urban environments. And we discuss how best to combine aesthetics with function, sustainability and economy. Because beautiful architecture is about so much more than the aesthetic, which is in the eye of the beholder.

The architecture track “The Power of Beauty” is aimed at professionals who, in their various ways, contribute to building our social environment – everyone from urban planners to municipalities and regions, to builders and architects.


Yael Reisner
Experienced architect from London

Danni Tian
A young architect from Shanghai


Emma Nordqvist
A young architect from Chalmers University

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