Areas of Focus

1. Architecture and Urban planning

Buildings constructed today will provide space for living and working for decades to come. The need for more housing and increased urbanisation requires intelligent solutions that quickly be put into practice. At the same time, higher demands are being made for climate-smart solutions. Demand for housing is rising considerably faster than supply, especially in city centres. How can we meet this demand in ways that focus on people?

2. Digital building

In the future, digital building technology will be included in architectural standards. Computer-aided manufacturing will open up enormous economic potential in areas from design and construction site logistics to construction processes and recycling.

3. Innovative materials

Energy-optimised, sustainable, recyclable: Today’s façades, floors, and doors etc. are innovative systems with many functions that must meet increasingly complex demands. The technological advances are both multifaceted and exciting – and pose a challenge for architects, planners and building material manufacturers.

4. Smart buildings

Energy savings, higher safety and greater convenience: Digital building technology and network connection allow optimisation of aspects of buildings that was previously inconceivable. It will be possible to install smart digital technology not only in individual buildings but also in groups of buildings and even entire urban districts.