Opinions on the event

Gert Wingårdh, MD, Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor
– The most renowned living Swedish architect

“Architecture means thinking! We are now building more than ever before, our cities change constantly – but do we have the time to think? This exhibition and conference about architecture and town planning features the thinkers. We dare you to meet the brains behind the future.”

Helle Juul, MD, Juul & Frost
– One of Denmark’s most significant opinon-former within architecture and town planning

“An architecture and community building fair can help different players in the construction industry to engage in dialogue that does not focus on the needs of a specific building project but on setting a framework for future urban life and living environments. It gives us an opportunity to stop and reflect on where we are headed.”

Julien De Smedt, JDS Architects
– Belgian architect with assignments across the globe

“We’re faced with an environmental challenge that is a major influence on our profession. And it’s a challenge that architects, especially those in the Nordic countries, have to accept. The consequences of each and every project must be looked at and evaluated. The Nordic Architecture Fair can help to bring this about.”

Sima Zangiabadi, Head of Business Development, PEAB
– Peab Bostad is one of Sweden’s biggest home builders

“The industry now has its chance! This kind of venue has been wanted for a long time. It’s a venue where we can discuss developments. And lift our eyes.”

Johan Gerklev, Sustainability Manager, Skanska
– Leading figure behind the company’s successful activities in environmental matters and sustainability

“The challenges are gigantic. If we’re going to manage to build a sustainable society, we must think again and dare to break away from ingrained patterns of behaviour. Right here and now!”

Gro Bonesmo, Co-Founder, Spacegroup
– Norwegian Architect and Academic with numerous international commitments

”Architecture and cities concern everyone and need to be discussed in open forums. An architecture fair in Gothenburg can set the agenda and attract a wide audience.”