Perspective on Nordic Architecture

The British Embassy have invited architectural firms from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries to take part in a panel discussions on architecture and cross-border cooperation during the Nordic Architecture Fair.

October 15 kl. 14:00–15:00
October 16 kl. 13:00–14:00

Free of charge (Part of the open stage program)

Panel Discussion 1

UK perspectives on the Nordic way of architecture and design

This panel discussion will be a bilateral dialogue between Swedish and British architecture firms on “sharing best practice” of working in the Nordics. Architecture cooperation between the UK and the Nordics runs deep,  and there is continued interest from the UK to explore the Nordic market. What works in the Nordic Countries? How should one go about understanding the distinctiveness of the Swedish market? The conversation will offer an opportunity for UK and Swedish firms to present examples of past and current projects in the UK and Sweden with a vision to finding common motives and crafting a shared understanding of the region and its driving trends in architecture.

Panel Discussion 2

The Nordics as a Place for the Interchange of International Expertise

The Nordic region is undergoing great developments: the Nordic capitals consistently rank as Europe’s fastest growing cities, while we see increased attention on smart cities and sustainable urban planning. The region makes for an exciting outlet for international architecture practices to prove their expertise and share knowledge with local stakeholders. This trilateral conversation will involve UK, Dutch and Swedish architecture firms and explore examples of cooperation between Swedish contractors and engineers and UK and Dutch companies. Can the Nordics become a testbed for new architectural solutions and an international learning network? The aim of the discussion is to understand the value of partnering-up internationally, lessons learned, and the biggest opportunities on the Nordic market.


British journalist and museum curator Kieran Long has been editor-in-chief of the British magazines Architects' Journal and Architectural Review, and architecture critic of the London newspaper Evening Standard.

Long has been involved in television and radio programmes for the BBC. He has been head of design, architecture and digital at London's V&A and, as of 18 April 2017, is the Director of ArkDes, Sweden's National Centre for Architecture and Design.

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